“Hope guides her students through practices that are physically and mentally enlightening. Her guidance has helped develop my appreciation for my practice on and off the mat. Hope’s classes are a constant reminder to let go of what does not serve us, while bringing into our lives a new perspective, a new connection to the breath, and a new appreciation of the self. Her energy, love and constant support has motivated my practice more than I ever could’ve imagined, and watching her practice reminds me everyday not to run away from discomfort but embrace it, to grow stronger and more resilient from it. Her energy, strength, and patience transfer into her classes, transferring to her students as well.”

Erin G.

“Hope is an excellent yoga teacher. Her many strengths create an atmosphere of trust. Her courage is contagious and her vulnerability is empowering. I leave her classes with my bones in much better lines, my body more in tune with my soul.”

Madeline M.

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