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My Week in Ashtanga Yoga (2.26.18-3.4.18)

The universe was definitely testing me this week. The full moon, my lady holiday, the comprehensive exam for my graduate program, and my midterm evaluations from my supervisors at my internships all hit at once. I took the opportunity to get in touch with myself through feeling out what I needed from my practice.

I realized that when the universe presents me with a test, a lot of times I get kind of lost in focusing on it. This time, I decided to focus instead on my behavior–on noticing how I was approaching the moments in my life that were testing me. Much like I do during my daily asana practice, I studied my tendencies and my coping mechanisms when put under stress–this time, in the context of my real life.

My practice was also tested. I rested on Monday. On Tuesday, I did primary series, which was humbling. The Mysore room was really full that day and it felt good to be in sync with others. On Wednesday and Thursday, I did my normal practice, which is half primary, half second series. I rested on Friday and took the extra time to study. Talking with my teacher and some fellow Ashtangis helped me deal with the guilt that I feel when I allow myself extra rest.

This week’s full moon in Virgo awakened a highly organized and results-driven energy within me. Virgo is my sun sign, so I am already an extremely analytical and productive human being, but this week I gained a sense of certain clarity regarding my future, which is something I’ve been very unsure about. After contemplating several, vastly different career paths, I finally feel like I can move forward with confidence.

I can see my future molding itself, and teaching Ashtanga is definitely part of it. This summer, my teacher will be making a month-long trip to see her family in Indonesia and has asked me to step in and teach Mysore while she is gone. This is an incredible opportunity to really connect with this group of students and earn their trust as a teacher. I am forever grateful.

I also finished the first of three ebooks this week called ‘Prep for the Press’ to supplement my upcoming Handstand Press Camps. This series of ebooks will outline various drills and exercises that prepare students to press to a handstand; this particular ebook focuses on creating a solid foundation in a handstand. Students who attend my workshops will be given a copy of this ebook. It will also be available for purchase on my website SOON!!!

xx, Hope

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