My Week in Ashtanga Yoga 3.19.18-2.26.18

I think the universe is intentionally making my life more difficult in order to match the intensity of my yoga practice. As I finish up my master’s degree, I’m left with a lot of uncertainty, which I don’t love. I always thought, by this point, I would know exactly what type of career I wanted to pursue, but I still don’t.

I feel like I don’t know which direction to take, and as I’m trying to decide, I see roadblocks pop up in each direction. When I look too far down the road in any one direction, I get anxiety about all of the things could possibly go wrong. It makes me feel kind of like I do when I have both of my legs behind my head and cannot breathe. I am learning to focus more on what I can do now. A good friend and mentor gave me some advice, which I’ve been reminding myself of all week,

“The Hope I know pushes through obstacles. Treat this situation like a yoga pose you are trying to work through. Just breathe and go with the flow. It always works out, love.”

After a long and hard week, I decided to take a trip home to see my parents. I really needed to feel their love and for them to share their wisdom and experiences with me, as they have both in my position before. On my way back to Toledo, I stopped for a Mysore class at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus. Dawn, who just recently returned from a trip to Mysore, India, was teaching. It was magical. I could sense that what and how she was teaching me came directly from the source. Lately, my practice has felt very long and hard, but that day I breezed right through.

Life is hard; you’ve got to find your medicine and use it. After this week, I’m convinced there is nothing that kind words from a friend, hugs from your mama, and a Mysore class at Ashtanga Yoga Columbus can’t fix.

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