My Week(s) in Ashtanga Yoga (4.30.18-5.13.18)

Life got a little crazy with graduation and other celebrations last weekend. Honestly, I didn’t prioritize writing a blog post because I don’t want this to be something I have to write on a to-do list. This is not an assignment–it’s a tool I’m using to reflect on my experiences, keep track of my progress, and hopefully inspire some others along the way.

My practice has been super rough. This always seems to be the case when life gets hectic; the practice of Ashtanga Yoga has a way of simulating what’s happening in our lives on our mats. For me, it’s a whole lot of change. The week before my graduation, I ‘graduated’ Dwi Pada as my teacher gave me the next pose, which is Yoginidrasana. It’s basically Dwi Pada but lying down on your back, so I thought it shouldn’t be too hard to handle. But my whole lower back feels so different and I am once again re-learning how to safely perform various asanas.

There are also some changes going on in my life. I was offered a job in a Pediatric Speech Clinic in Southern California. I am blown away by the opportunity and the support my friends and family have shown me. I’ve realized that the only reason I wouldn’t take the job is because I am terrified to move across the country, away from almost everyone I know and love. The only thing standing in my way is fear, and I won’t accept that.

So that’s my update. I’m just showing up and taking everything one day at a time because that’s literally all any of us can do. More next week… xx, Hope

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