My Week in Ashtanga (5.21.18-5.28.18)

A little late this week, but since today is moon day, I thought it would serve as the perfect opportunity to spend some time reflecting on the past week of my yoga practice.

I practiced primary series all of last week, which was incredibly healing and grounding. Aside from my asana practice, I did my best to rest and take care of my body.  It definitely made me appreciate the primary series, but also helped me appreciate the daily opportunity I have to challenge myself with the second series. I feel privileged that my teacher has chosen to share so much of this practice with me, and that I’ve been able to connect with so many people because of it.

I also took some time over the weekend to celebrate one of my best girlfriend’s getting married! I enjoyed my last weekend with her as a single lady very mindfully. I didn’t practice asana for two days, but we did a high ropes course in the treetops of Grand Rapids, Michigan, which was incredibly invigorating. If not for my ashtanga practice and the fact that I face fears on my mat every day, I think I would have been to afraid to complete the course.

A lot has changed because of this practice. I am no longer hiding; I am ready to be seen. I am strong and, although I do feel fear, I choose to face my fear with confidence and an open heart.

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