About Me

My name is Hope Dalrymple and I am a dedicated yoga practitioner and instructor. I fell in love with the practice of yoga over three years ago on a dreary spring morning when I decided to try a vinyasa class I had on DVD. After growing up training as a competitive Irish dancer and years of being an avid runner, I couldn’t believe how sore I was in the deepest sense of the word. Not only was the practice physically challenging, but it brought up emotions that I had not felt in years.

Immediately, I knew yoga was special when I literally couldn’t stop practicing. The best decision I ever made was when I quit the gym, stopped nit-picking over my body, and started searching for enlightenment. My focus turned from outward, to inward. Not only was I becoming stronger physically, I was blasting through mental walls by proving to myself that I could do things that scared me, such as balancing upside-down on my forearms.

Since beginning my yoga journey, I’ve experienced exponential growth on and off the mat.  I recieved certification in summer of 2017 to teach after completing 200 hours training with Brent Divine, a Jivamukti instructor in Toledo, OH.

More recently, I fell into the rabbit hole that is Ashtanga Yoga and currently practice under Dhawi Pienta with Ashtanga Yoga Toledo. Practicing this demanding series of asanas six days/week and living the philosophy behind the practice every single day has changed my life for the better. It has shaped me into a kinder, more honest, and more conscious human being.

My goal is to help others cultivate the discipline and self-confidence that yoga has given me. Hop on over to the Class/Workshop Schedule page to find my schedule and online classes.

Photos by Jeremy Webster