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My Week in Ashtanga Yoga (2.26.18-3.4.18)

The universe was definitely testing me this week. The full moon, my lady holiday, the comprehensive exam for my graduate program, and my midterm evaluations from my supervisors at my internships all hit at once. I took the opportunity to get in touch with myself through feeling out what I needed from my practice. I… Continue reading My Week in Ashtanga Yoga (2.26.18-3.4.18)

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In Ashtanga Yoga, Padangusthasana and Padahastasana are the first two postures practiced following sun salutations (5 A, 5 B). The standing poses allow students to understand alignment and to develop strength and poise. These two postures primarily serve to open up the hamstrings and lengthen the spine. See below for descriptions of these postures with… Continue reading Padangushtasana/Padahastasana

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Suffering threads us together giving us the perspective to understand another’s pain the courage to feel their burdens and our own. Why suffer alone? Choosing love over fear vulnerability over safety connection over solitude ignites healing exonerating us from those burdens allowing loving-kindness to transpire. 💓✨ . . .